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Publications:  Mrs Huda Yusuf

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Fennell-Wells AVL, Yusuf H(2020). Child refugees and asylum seekers: oral health and its place in the UK system. British Dental Journal vol. 228, (1) 44-49.
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Eaton KA, Gallagher J, Jones C, Marsh PD, Schulte AG, Vanobbergen J, Vassallo P, Yusuf H(2019). The boundaries between caries and periodontal diseases. What are the implications for education in dental public health? proceedings of EADPH/SESPO pre-congress workshop held on wednesday, 17 october 2018 at the centro cultural sa nostra congress centre, palma de Mallorca, Spain. Community Dental Health vol. 36, (1) 63-86.
Yusuf H, Kolliakou A, Ntouva A, Murphy M, Newton T, Tsakos G, Watt RG(2016). Predictors of dentists’ behaviours in delivering prevention in primary dental care in England: using the theory of planned behaviour. BMC Health Services Research vol. 16, (1) Article 44,
Yusuf H, Tsakos G, Ntouva A, Murphy M, Porter J, Newton T, Watt RG(2015). Differences by age and sex in general dental practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in delivering prevention. British Dental Journal vol. 219, (6) E7-E7.
Yusuf H, Wright K, Robertson C(2015). Evaluation of a pilot oral health promotion programme 'Keep Smiling': perspectives from GDPs, health champions and school staff. British Dental Journal vol. 218, (8) 455-459.
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