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Publications:  Dr Coppe van Urk

van Urk C(2019). Object licensing in Fijian and the role of adjacency. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory vol. 38, (1) 313-364.
VAN URK C(2018). Pronoun copying in Dinka Bor and the Copy Theory of Movement. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory vol. 36, (3) 937-990.
VAN URK C, Erlewine M, Levin T(2017). Ergativity and Austronesian-type voice systems. The Oxford Handbook of Ergativity, Oxford University Press
van Urk C, Richards N(2015). Two Components of Long-Distance Extraction: Successive Cyclicity in Dinka. Linguistic Inquiry vol. 46, (1) 113-155.
Kalin L, van Urk C(2014). Aspect splits without ergativity. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory vol. 33, (2) 659-702.
van Urk C(2013). Visser’s Generalization: The Syntax of Control and the Passive. Linguistic Inquiry vol. 44, (1) 168-178.
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