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Publications:  Dr Chloe Ward

WARD C (2019). Victorian Painting and Social Action.
WARD C (2018). Activism through Empathy: Images of Suffrage Force-Feeding. Conference: Suffrage 18: A Centenary Exploration at LSE (London School of Economics)
WARD C (2018). Images of Force Feeding in the British Suffrage Movement. Conference: A Vote of My Own: Celebrating Women’s Suffrage in England (University of Kent)
WARD C(2018). Images of Empathy: Representations of Force Feeding in Votes for Women. Suffrage and the Arts, Editors: Thomas, Z, Garrett, M, Bloomsbury (London),
WARD C (2018). Clytie: “That Swallow of 1868”. Conference: Nineteenth Century Studies Seminar (Institute of English Studies)
WARD C (2017). Images as Historical Agents: Representations of the British Suffrage Movement. Conference: Art and Activism: Resilience Techniques in Times of Crisis (University of Leiden)
Ward C (2017). Identifying with Images: Illustrations of Force-Feeding in the British Suffrage Movement. Conference: Illustratidentity (Université de Nancy) from: 08/11/2017 to: 10/11/2017,
Ward C (2017). How Art Makes Political Impacts: Suffrage Images and a New Methodology for Assessing their Influence. Conference: Artists as Reformers (Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey) from: 30/10/2017 to: 30/10/2017,
Ward C(2016). England’s Michelangelo in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The G. F. Watts Exhibition, 1884–1885. Comparative American Studies An International Journal vol. 14, (1) 62-75.
WARD C(2015). Drawings of G.F. Watts. Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd
Kroeter C(2014). The warrior and the wife: imagining the Irish homeland in the illustrations of John Campbell. Irish Studies Review vol. 22, (1) 7-21.
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