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Publications:  Prof John Moriarty

Martyr R, Moriarty J, Beck C(2019). Optimal control of a commercial building's thermostatic load for off-peak demand response. JOURNAL OF BUILDING PERFORMANCE SIMULATION vol. 12, (5) 580-594.
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De Angelis T, Ferrari G, MORIARTY JM(2018). Nash equilibria of threshold type for two-player nonzero-sum games of stopping. Annals of Applied Probability
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Mijatovic A, MORIARTY JM, Vogrinc J(2017). Procuring load curtailment from local customers under uncertainty. Philosophical Transactions A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Gonzalez J, MORIARTY JM, Palczewski J(2017). Bayesian calibration and number of jump components in electricity spot price models. Energy Economics vol. 65, 375-388.
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Schachter JA, Mancarella P, Moriarty J, Shaw R(2016). Flexible investment under uncertainty in smart distribution networks with demand side response: Assessment framework and practical implementation. Energy Policy vol. 97, Article C, 439-449.
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De Angelis T, Ferrari G, Moriarty J(2015). A Nonconvex Singular Stochastic Control Problem and its Related Optimal Stopping Boundaries. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization vol. 53, (3) 1199-1223.
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