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Publications:  Dr Pau Figueras

Bantilan H, Figueras P, Mateos D(2020). Real-Time Dynamics of Plasma Balls from Holography. Physical Review Letters vol. 124, (19) Article 191601,
Bantilan H, Figueras P, Kunesch M, Macedo RP(2019). End point of nonaxisymmetric black hole instabilities in higher dimensions. Physical Review D vol. 100, (8) Article 086014,
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Bantilan H, Figueras P, Kunesch M, Romatschke P(2017). Nonspherically Symmetric Collapse in Asymptotically AdS Spacetimes. Physical Review Letters vol. 119, (19)
Figueras P, Wiseman T(2017). On the existence of stationary Ricci solitons. Classical and Quantum Gravity vol. 34, (14)
FIGUERAS P, Kunesch M, Lehner L, Tunyasuvunakool S(2017). End Point of the Ultraspinning Instability and Violation of Cosmic Censorship. Physical Review Letters
Cook WG, Figueras P, Kunesch M, Sperhake U, Tunyasuvunakool S(2016). Dimensional reduction in numerical relativity: Modified Cartoon formalism and regularization. International Journal of Modern Physics D vol. 25, (9)
Figueras P, Kunesch M, Tunyasuvunakool S(2016). End Point of Black Ring Instabilities and the Weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture. Physical Review Letters vol. 116, (7)
Clough K, Figueras P, Finkel H, Kunesch M, Lim EA, Tunyasuvunakool S(2015). GRChombo: Numerical relativity with adaptive mesh refinement. Classical and Quantum Gravity vol. 32, (24)
Figueras P, Tunyasuvunakool S(2015). Black rings in global anti-de Sitter space. Journal of High Energy Physics vol. 2015, (3)
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Figueras P, Tunyasuvunakool S(2014). Localized plasma balls. Journal of High Energy Physics vol. 2014, (6)
Figueras P, Tunyasuvunakool S(2013). CFTs in rotating black hole backgrounds. Classical and Quantum Gravity vol. 30, (12)
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