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Publications:  Dr Benjamin Bloom

Bloom B, Thomas S, Ahrensberg JM, Weaver R, Fowler A, Bestwick J, Harris T, Pearse R(2018). A systematic review and meta-analysis of return to work after mild Traumatic brain injury. Brain Inj1-14.
Bloom BM, Kinsella K, Pott J, Patel HC, Harris T, Lecky F, Pearse R(2017). Short-term neurocognitive and symptomatic outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury: A prospective multi-centre observational cohort study. Brain Inj vol. 31, (3) 304-311.
Bloom BM, Maimaris C, Lecky F, Pearse R(2016). Letter in Response to 'Classification of Traumatic Brain Injury Severity Using Informed Data Reduction in a Series of Binary Classifier Algorithms'. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng vol. 24, (5)
Bloom BM, Maimaris C, Lecky F, Pearse R(2015). Letter in response to 'Classification algorithms for the identification of structural injury in TBI using brain electrical activity'. Computers in biology and medicine
Bloom BM, Connor H, Benton S, Harris T(2014). A comparison of measurements of sodium, potassium, haemoglobin and creatinine between an Emergency Department-based point-of-care machine and the hospital laboratory. Eur J Emerg Med vol. 21, (4) 310-313.
Bloom BM, Grundlingh J, Bestwick JP, Harris T(2014). The role of venous blood gas in the emergency department: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Eur J Emerg Med vol. 21, (2) 81-88.
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