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Publications:  Mr Bruno Vieira

Pina-Martins F, Vieira BM, Seabra SG, Batista D, Paulo OS(2016). 4Pipe4--A 454 data analysis pipeline for SNP detection in datasets with no reference sequence or strain information. BMC Bioinformatics vol. 17, 41-41.
Yachdav G, Goldberg T, Wilzbach S, Dao D, Shih I, Choudhary S, Crouch S, Franz M et al.(2015). Anatomy of BioJS, an open source community for the life sciences. Elife vol. 4,
MacLean D, Aleksic J, Alexa A, Attwood TK, Chue Hong N, Dahlö M, Davey R, Dinkel H et al.(2015). An open science peer review Oath. F1000Research vol. 3,
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