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Publications:  Mr Emmanouil Chourdakis

Chourdakis E, Ward L, Paradis M, Reiss JD (2019). Modelling Experts’ Decisions on Assigning Narrative Importances of Objects in a Radio Drama Mix. Conference: 22nd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (Birmigham, UK) from: 02/09/2019 to: 06/09/2019,
Shirley B, Ward L, Chourdakis ET (2019). Personalization of object-based audio for accessibility using narrative importance. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. vol. 2423,
Chourdakis ET, Reiss JD (2019). Tagging and retrieval of room impulse responses using semantic word vectors and perceptual measures of reverberation. AES 146th International Convention.
CHOURDAKIS ET, REISS JOSHUAD (2018). From my pen to your ears: automatic production of radio plays from unstructured story text. Conference: 15th Sound and Music Computing Conference (Limassol, Cyprus) from: 04/07/2018 to: 08/07/2018,
CHOURDAKIS ET, REISS JD (2017). Constructing narrative using a generative model and continuous action policies. Conference: Workshop on Computational Creativity in Natural Language Generation (University of Santiago De Compostela) from: 04/09/2017 to: 04/09/2017,
Chourdakis E, REISS J(2017). A Machine-Learning Approach to Application of Intelligent Artificial Reverberation. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society vol. 65,
CHOURDAKIS ET, REISS JD (2016). Automatic Control of a Digital Reverberation Effect using Hybrid Models. Conference: 60th International Conference: DREAMS (Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music, and Speech) (Leuven, Belgium) from: 03/02/2016 to: 05/02/2016,
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