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Publications:  Mr Prashantha Murahari

Arun Kumar KD, Valanarasu S, Ponraj JS, Fernandes BJ, Shkir M, AlFaify S, Murahari P, Ramesh K(2020). Effect of Er doping on the ammonia sensing properties of ZnO thin films prepared by a nebulizer spray technique. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids vol. 144,
Hegde SS, Surendra BS, Talapatadur V, Murahari P, Ramesh K(2020). Visible light photocatalytic properties of cubic and orthorhombic SnS nanoparticles. Chemical Physics Letters vol. 754,
Hegde SS, Murahari P, Fernandes BJ, Venkatesh R, Ramesh K(2020). Synthesis, thermal stability and structural transition of cubic SnS nanoparticles. Journal of Alloys and Compounds vol. 820,
Hamid AKM, Salvatore JC, Wang K, Murahari P, Guljas A, Rágyanszki A, Owen M, Jójárt B et al.(2019). Oxidatively-mediated in silico epimerization of a highly amyloidogenic segment in the human calcitonin hormone (hCT <inf>15-19</inf> ). Computational Biology and Chemistry vol. 80, 259-269.
Mitta SB, Murahari P, Nandanapalli KR, Mudusu D, Karuppannan R, Whang D(2018). Si/ZnO heterostructures for efficient diode and water-splitting applications. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy vol. 43, (33) 16015-16023.
Hegde SS, Kunjomana AG, Murahari P, Prasad BK, Ramesh K(2018). Vacuum annealed tin sulfide (SnS) thin films for solar cell applications. Surfaces and Interfaces vol. 10, 78-84.
Yokoyama K, Lord JS, Miao J, Murahari P, Drew AJ(2017). Photoexcited Muon Spin Spectroscopy: A New Method for Measuring Excess Carrier Lifetime in Bulk Silicon. Phys Rev Lett vol. 119, (22) 226601-226601.
DREW AJ, Miao, Murahari, Yokoyama(2017). A new method for measuring excess carrier lifetime in bulk silicon: Photoexcited muon spin spectroscopy. Physical Review Letters
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Babu MS, Prashantha M, Reddy NK, Ramesh K(2013). Development of uniformly grown ZnO NPs films using single precursor solution by pulsed spray pyrolysis technique. Journal of Nanoparticle Research vol. 15, (3)
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Ramesh K, Prashantha M, Gopal ESR, Reddy NK(2009). Thermal anomalies in ternary Ge<inf>42-x</inf>Pb<inf>x</inf>Se<inf>58</inf> glasses near the charge carrier reversal threshold. Journal of Applied Physics vol. 106, (11)
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