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Publications:  Dr Doreen Montag

Torp Austvoll C, Gallo V, Montag D(2020). Health impact of the Anthropocene: The complex relationship between gut microbiota, epigenetics, and human health, using obesity as an example. Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics
GALLO V, Iqbal N, GKIOULEKA A, MILNER A, MONTAG D(2018). Girls’ hidden penalty: analysis of gender inequality in child mortality with data from 195 countries. BMJ Global Health vol. 3, e001028-9.
Hasyim H, Dhimal M, Bauer J, Montag D, Groneberg DA, Kuch U, Müller R(2018). Does livestock protect from malaria or facilitate malaria prevalence? A cross-sectional study in endemic rural areas of Indonesia. Malaria Journal vol. 17, (1)
Dhimal M, Dahal S, Dhimal ML, Mishra SR, Karki KB, Aryal KK, Haque U, Kabir MI et al.(2018). Threats of Zika virus transmission for Asia and its Hindu-Kush Himalayan region. Infectious Diseases of Poverty vol. 7, (1)
Hasyim H, Nursafingi A, Haque U, Montag D, Groneberg DA, Dhimal M, Kuch U, Müller R(2018). Spatial modelling of malaria cases associated with environmental factors in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Malaria Journal vol. 17, (1)
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