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Publications:  Mr Abish Stephen

Stephen AS, Millhouse E, Sherry L, Aduse-Opoku J, Culshaw S, Ramage G, Bradshaw DJ, Burnett GR et al.(2016). In Vitro Effect of Porphyromonas gingivalis Methionine Gamma Lyase on Biofilm Composition and Oral Inflammatory Response. PLoS ONE vol. 11, (12) e0169157-e0169157.
STEPHEN AS (2016). The relationship between Oral Malodour and Chronic Periodontitis: Role of Volatile Sulfur Compounds. Presented at: Queen Mary University of London,
Stephen AS, Naughton DP, Pizzey RL, Bradshaw DJ, Burnett GR(2014). In vitro growth characteristics and volatile sulfur compound production of Solobacterium moorei. Anaerobe vol. 26, 53-57.
Burnett GR, Stephen AS, Pizzey RL, Bradshaw DJ(2011). In vitro effects of novel toothpaste actives on components of oral malodour. International Dental Journal vol. 61, 67-73.
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