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Publications:  Prof Philip Cowley

Campbell R, COWLEY PJ(2019). The impact of parental status on the visibility and evaluations of politicians. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
Campbell R, COWLEY PJ, Vivyan N, Wagner M(2019). Why friends and neighbors? Explaining the electoral appeal of local roots. Journal of Politics
COWLEY PJ, MUROKI M(2019). Getting better, slowly. Ethnicity, gender and party in London’s local government. Political Quarterly
Cowley P, Kavanagh D(2018). The British General Election of 2017. Springer
Russell M, COWLEY P(2018). Modes of UK Executive-Legislative Relations Revisited. Political Quarterly vol. Early View Online,
Evans J, Arzheimer K, Campbell R, Cowley P(2017). Candidate localness and voter choice in the 2015 General Election in England. Political Geography vol. 59, 61-71.
Cowley P, Kavanagh D(2015). The British General Election of 2015. Palgrave Macmillan
COWLEY PJ(2015). The Policy Power of the Westminster Parliament: the 'parliamentary state' and the empirical evidence. Governance
COWLEY PJ(2014). In the Brown Stuff?: Labour backbench dissent under Gordon Brown, 2007-2010’. Contemporary British History
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