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Publications:  Mr Yousef Amar

Amar Y, Tyson G, Antichi G, Marcenaro L (2019). Towards cheap scalable browser multiplayer. IEEE Conference on Computatonal Intelligence and Games, CIG. vol. 2019-August,
Moore J, Arcia-Moret A, Yadav P, Mortier R, Brown A, McAuley D, Crabtree A, Greenhalgh C et al. (2019). Zest: REST over ZeroMQ. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops, PerCom Workshops 2019. 1015-1019.
Yadav P, Moore J, Li Q, Mortier R, Amar Y, Shamsabadi AS, Brown A, Crabtree A et al. (2018). Providing occupancy as a service with databox. CitiFog 2018 - Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Smart Cities and Fog Computing, Part of SenSys 2018. 29-34.
Amar Y, Haddadi H, Mortier R (2018). An information-theoretic approach to time-series data privacy. Proceedings of the Workshop on Privacy by Design in Distributed Systems, P2DS 2018, co-located with European Conference on Computer Systems, EuroSys 2018.
Crabtree A, Lodge T, Colley J, Greenhalgh C, Glover K, Haddadi H, Amar Y, Mortier R et al.(2018). Building accountability into the Internet of Things: the IoT Databox model. Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments vol. 4, (1) 39-55.
Mortier R, Zhao J, Crowcroft J, Wang L, Li Q, Haddadi H, Amar Y, Crabtree A et al. (2016). Personal data management with the databox: What's inside the box?. CAN 2016 - Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Cloud-Assisted Networking, co-located with CoNEXT 2016. 49-54.
Amar Y, Haddadi H, Mortier R (2016). Privacy-aware infrastructure for managing personal data. SIGCOMM 2016 - Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Special Interest Group on Data Communication. 571-572.
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