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Publications:  Dr Anna Pachol

Majid S, Pachol A(2020). Digital finite quantum Riemannian geometries. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL vol. 53, (11) Article ARTN 115202,
Borowiec A, Meljanac D, Meljanac S, Pachol A(2019). Interpolations between Jordanian Twists Induced by Coboundary Twists. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications
MAJID SH, PACHOL A(2018). Classification of digital affine noncommutative geometries. Journal of Mathematical Physics
Aschieri P, Borowiec A, Pacho¿ A(2017). Observables and dispersion relations in κ-Minkowski spacetime. Journal of High Energy Physics vol. 2017, (10)
Meljanac S, Meljanac D, Pacho¿ A, Pikuti¿ D(2017). Remarks on simple interpolation between Jordanian twists. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical vol. 50, (26) 265201-265201.
PACHOL A, Borowiec A(2017). Twisted bialgebroids versus bialgebroids from Drinfeld twist. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
Pacho¿ A, van Tongeren SJ(2016). Quantum deformations of the flat space superstring. Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology vol. 93, (2)
Meljanac S, Pacho¿ A, Pikuti¿ D(2015). Twisted conformal algebra related toκ-Minkowski space. Physical Review D vol. 92, (10) Article 105015,
Borowiec A, Pacho¿ A(2014). Unified description for $$\kappa $$ κ -deformations of orthogonal groups. The European Physical Journal C vol. 74, (3) Article 2812,
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