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Publications:  Dr Jose Vicente Torres-Perez

Friston D, Junttila S, Lemes JBP, Laycock H, Torres-Perez JV, Want E, Gyenesei A, Nagy I(2020). Leptin and fractalkine: Novel subcutaneous cytokines in burn injury. DMM Disease Models and Mechanisms vol. 13, (4)
Torres-Pérez JV, Naeem H, Thompson CL, Knight MM, Novak P(2020). Nanoscale mapping reveals functional differences in ion channels populating the membrane of primary cilia. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry vol. 54, (1) 15-26.
Torres-Pérez JV, Adamek P, Palecek J, Vizcaychipi M, Nagy I, Varga A(2017). The NAv1.7 blocker protoxin II reduces burn injury-induced spinal nociceptive processing. J Mol Med (Berl)
Sousa-Valente J, Varga A, Torres-Perez JV, Jenes A, Wahba J, Mackie K, Cravatt B, Ueda N et al.(2017). Inflammation of peripheral tissues and injury to peripheral nerves induce differing effects in the expression of the calcium-sensitive N-arachydonoylethanolamine-synthesizing enzyme and related molecules in rat primary sensory neurons. J Comp Neurol vol. 525, (8) 1778-1796.
Torres-Pérez JV, Sántha P, Varga A, Szucs P, Sousa-Valente J, Gaal B, Sivadó M, Andreou AP et al.(2017). Phosphorylated Histone 3 at Serine 10 Identifies Activated Spinal Neurons and Contributes to the Development of Tissue Injury-Associated Pain. Sci Rep vol. 7, 41221-41221.
Beattie S, Torres-Perez JV, Nagy I (2016). A post-translational modification in histone is a novel marker for nociceptive activation in primary sensory neurons. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY. vol. 23, 432-432.
Andreou AP, Miedzik AA, Chamberlain J, Alstadhaug KB, Torres-Perez JV, Nagy I (2015). Nitric oxide signalling in the A11 hypothalamic nucleus facilitates trigeminovascular activation. CEPHALALGIA. vol. 35, 12-12.
Torres-Perez JV, Chamberlain J, Miedzik AA, Nagy I, Davletov B, Andreou AP (2015). Non-paralytic botulinum chimeras increase the activation threshold of the trigeminovascular system in migraine models. CEPHALALGIA. vol. 35, 4-4.
Andreou AP, Chamberlain JH, Torres-Perez JV, Noormohamed F, Goadsby PJ, Bantel C, Nagy I (2014). The A11 hypothalamic nucleus is susceptible to nitric oxide signalling. JOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN. vol. 15,
Nagy I, Friston D, Valente JS, Torres Perez JV, Andreou AP(2014). Pharmacology of the capsaicin receptor, transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1 ion channel. Prog Drug Res vol. 68, 39-76.
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