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Publications:  Dr Nandini Hayes

King MDA, Phillips GW, Bignone PA, Hayes NVL, Pinder JC, Baines AJ(2013). A conserved sequence in calmodulin regulated spectrin-associated protein 1 links its interaction with spectrin and calmodulin to neurite outgrowth. Journal of Neurochemistry vol. 128, (3) 391-402.
Pinder JC, Taylor-Harris PM, Bennett PM, Carter E, Hayes NVL, King MDA, Holt MR, Maggs AM et al.(2012). Isoforms of protein 4.1 are differentially distributed in heart muscle cells: Relation of 4.1R and 4.1G to components of the Ca2+ homeostasis system. Experimental Cell Research vol. 318, (13) 1467-1479.
Hayes NVL, Jossé L, Smales CM, Carden MJ(2011). Modulation of Phosducin-Like Protein 3 (PhLP3) Levels Promotes Cytoskeletal Remodelling in a MAPK and RhoA-Dependent Manner. PLoS ONE vol. 6, (12) e28271-e28271.
Hayes NVL, Blackburn E, Boyle MM, Russell GA, Frost TM, Morgan BJT, Gullick WJ(2010). Expression of neuregulin 4 splice variants in normal human tissues and prostate cancer and their effects on cell motility. Endocrine Related Cancer vol. 18, (1) 39-49.
Hayes NVL, Gullick WJ(2008). The Neuregulin Family of Genes and their Multiple Splice Variants in Breast Cancer. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia vol. 13, (2) 205-214.
Hayes NVL, Newsam RJ, Baines AJ, Gullick WJ(2007). Characterization of the cell membrane-associated products of the Neuregulin 4 gene. Oncogene vol. 27, (5) 715-720.
Hayes NVL, Phillips GW, Carden MJ, Baines AJ(2002). Definition of a Sequence Unique in βII Spectrin Required for Its Axon-Specific Interaction with Fodaxin (A60). Journal of Neurochemistry vol. 68, (4) 1686-1695.
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