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Publications:  Dr Nikolaos Tatarakis

Tatarakis N, Gkranias N, Darbar U, Donos N(2018). Blood flow changes using a 3D xenogeneic collagen matrix or a subepithelial connective tissue graft for root coverage procedures: a pilot study. Clinical Oral Investigations vol. 22, (4) 1697-1705.
Pirih F, Barroso AD, Tatarakis N, Cordell K, McCauley L, Edwards P(2015). A Case Report of a Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma in a Patient on Forteo. Open Journal of Stomatology vol. 05, (06) 147-151.
Tatarakis N, Kinney JS, Inglehart M, Braun TM, Shelburne C, Lang NP, Giannobile WV, Oh TJ(2014). Clinical, microbiological, and salivary biomarker profiles of dental implant patients with type 2 diabetes. Clinical Oral Implants Research vol. 25, (7) 803-812.
Nibali L, Tatarakis N, Needleman I, Tu YK, D'Aiuto F, Rizzo M, Donos N(2013). Association between metabolic syndrome and periodontitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism vol. 98, (3) 913-920.
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Fu JH, Yeh CY, Chan HL, Tatarakis N, Leong DJM, Wang HL(2010). Tissue biotype and its relation to the underlying bone morphology. Journal of Periodontology vol. 81, (4) 569-574.
Chan HL, Leong DJM, Fu JH, Yeh CY, Tatarakis N, Wang HL(2010). The significance of the lingual nerve during periodontal/implant surgery. Journal of Periodontology vol. 81, (3) 372-377.
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