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Publications:  Dr Junhua Zhou

Zhou J, Lam B, Neogi SG, Yeo GSH, Azizan EAB, Brown MJ(2016). Transcriptome Pathway Analysis of Pathological and Physiological Aldosterone-Producing Human Tissues. Hypertension vol. 68, (6) 1424-1431.
Teo AED, Garg S, Haris Shaikh L, Zhou J, Karet Frankl FE, Gurnell M, Happerfield L, Marker A et al.(2016). Effect of somatic CTNNB1 mutations on adrenocortical cell de-differentiation in adenoma presenting in early pregnancy or menopause. Annales d'Endocrinologie vol. 77, (2) 161-162.
Xie CB, Haris Shaikh L, Garg S, Tanriver G, Teo AED, Zhou J, Maniero C, Zhao W et al.(2016). Regulation of aldosterone secretion by Ca v 1.3. Scientific Reports vol. 6,
Shaikh LH, Zhou J, Teo AED, Garg S, Neogi SG, Figg N, Yeo GS, Yu H et al.(2015). LGR5 Activates Noncanonical Wnt Signaling and Inhibits Aldosterone Production in the Human Adrenal. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism vol. 100, (6) E836-E844.
Zhou J, Shaikh LH, Neogi SG, McFarlane I, Zhao W, Figg N, Brighton CA, Maniero C et al.(2015). DACH1 , a Zona Glomerulosa Selective Gene in the Human Adrenal, Activates Transforming Growth Factor-β Signaling and Suppresses Aldosterone Secretion. Hypertension vol. 65, (5) 1103-1110.
Azizan EAB, Poulsen H, Tuluc P, Zhou J, Clausen MV, Lieb A, Maniero C, Garg S et al.(2013). Somatic mutations in ATP1A1 and CACNA1D underlie a common subtype of adrenal hypertension. Nature Genetics vol. 45, (9) 1055-1060.
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