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Publications:  Miss Sandra Jumbe

Sohanpal R, Jumbe S, James WY, Steed L, Yau T, Rivas C, Madurasinghe V, Houlihan C et al.(2019). Evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Smoking Treatment Optimisation in Pharmacies (STOP) intervention: Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. Trials vol. 20, (1)
Madurasinghe V, Jumbe S, James W, Steed L, SOHANPAL R, Yau T, Taylor S, Eldridge S et al.(2019). Evaluating NHS Stop Smoking Service engagement in community pharmacies using simulated smokers: fidelity assessment of a theory-based intervention. BMJ Open
James WY, Jumbe S, Houlihan C, Madurasinghe V, Taylor S, Eldridge S, Griffiths C, Walton R(2019). Recruiting community pharmacies to a smoking support service trial using the 'Russian doll' approach. Clinical Pharmacist vol. 11, (1)
Edwards EA, Caton H, Lumsden J, Rivas C, Steed L, Pirunsarn Y, Jumbe S, Newby C et al.(2018). Creating a Theoretically Grounded, Gamified Health App: Lessons From Developing the Cigbreak Smoking Cessation Mobile Phone Game. JMIR Serious Games vol. 6, (4)
James WY, Jumbe S, Madurasinghe V, Eldridge S, Taylor S, Houlihan C, Griffiths C, Walton R (2018). Supporting recruitment of community pharmacies for the STOP trial training using an embedded recruitment model ( Russian doll approach). EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL. vol. 52,
JUMBE SE(2018). Contrasting Views of the Post-bariatric Surgery Experience between Patients and their Practitioners: a Qualitative Study. Obesity Surgery
JUMBE SE(2018). The role of negative cognitions, emotion regulation strategies, and attachment style in complex post-traumatic stress disorder: Implications for new and existing therapies. British Journal of Clinical Psychology
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James WY, Taylor S, Jumbe S, Madurasinghe V, Sohanpal R, Steed E, Eldridge S, Griffiths C et al. (2017). Supporting recruitment of community pharmacies for STOP intervention training. EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL. vol. 50,
Steed L, Sohanpal R, James W-Y, Rivas C, Jumbe S, Chater A, Todd A, Edwards E et al.(2017). Equipping community pharmacy workers as agents for health behaviour change: developing and testing a theory-based smoking cessation intervention. BMJ Open vol. 7, (8) e015637-e015637.
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