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Publications:  Dr Mustafa Ozturk

Ozturk MB, Rumens N, Tatli A(2020). Age, sexuality and hegemonic masculinity: Exploring older gay men’s masculinity practices at work. Gender, Work and Organization
Rumens N, Ozturk MB(2019). Heteronormativity and the (re)construction of gay male entrepreneurial identities. International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship vol. 37, (7) 671-688.
HEALY GM, TATLI A, IPEK G, OZTURK M, SEIERSTAD C, WRIGHT T(2018). In the steps of Joan Acker: A journey in researching inequality regimes and intersectional inequalities. Gender Work and Organizations
Tatli A, Ozturk MB, Woo HS(2017). Individualization and Marketization of Responsibility for Gender Equality: The Case of Female Managers in China. Human Resource Management vol. 56, (3) 407-430.
TATLI A, Ozturk MB(2015). Gender identity inclusion in the workplace: broadening diversity management research through the case of transgender employees in the UK. International Journal of Human Resource Management vol. 27, (8) 781-802.
TATLI A, Nicolopoulou K, Özbilgin M, Karatas-Ozkan M, Ozturk M(2014). Questioning Impact: Interconnection between Extra-Organizational Resources and Agency of Equality and Diversity Officers. International Journal of Human Resource Management vol. 26, (9)
Ozturk MB, Rumens N(2014). Gay Male Academics in UK Business and Management Schools: Negotiating Heteronormativities in Everyday Work Life. British Journal of Management vol. 25, (3) 503-517.
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