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Publications:  Mr Viswanathan Mohandoss

Viswanathan M(2019). Insights on the Jahn-Teller distortion, hydrogen bonding and local-environment correlations in a promised multiferroic hybrid perovskite. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter vol. 31, (45) 45LT01-45LT01.
Viswanathan M(2019). Stability of Hydrogen Bonds in the Metal Guanidinium Formate Hybrid Perovskites: A Single-Crystal Neutron Diffraction Study. Crystal Growth & Design vol. 19, (8) 4287-4292.
Viswanathan M, Bhat SG, Bera AK, Rodríguez-Carvajal J(2019). Neutron Diffraction Study on the Magnetic Structure of the Promised Multiferroic Hybrid Perovskite [C(ND2)3]Cu(DCOO)3 and Its Centrosymmetric Analogues. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol. 123, (30) 18551-18559.
Viswanathan M(2019). Structural Tunability Controlled by Uniaxial Strength in a Hybrid Perovskite. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol. 123, (11) 6711-6716.
Viswanathan M(2018). High-pressure phase transitions with group–subgroup disagreement in metal guanidinium formates. CrystEngComm vol. 20, (43) 6861-6866.
Viswanathan M(2018). Disorder in the hydrogen-atoms uninvolved in hydrogen bonds in a metal–organic framework. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 20, (38) 24527-24534.
Viswanathan M(2018). Enhancement of the guest orderliness in a low-symmetric perovskite-type metal–organic framework influenced by Jahn–Teller distortion. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 20, (34) 21809-21813.
Viswanathan M(2018). Neutron diffraction studies on the thermal expansion and anomalous mechanics in the perovskite-type [C(ND2)3]Me2+(DCOO)3 [Me = Cu, Mn, Co]. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 20, (25) 17059-17070.
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