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Publications:  Dr Danilo Cucchi

Cucchi D, Camacho-Muñoz D, Certo M, Niven J, Smith J, Nicolaou A, Mauro C(2020). Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids impinge on CD4<sup>+</sup> T cell motility and adipose tissue distribution via direct and lipid mediator-dependent effects. Cardiovascular Research vol. 116, (5) 1006-1020.
Certo M, Elkafrawy H, Pucino V, Cucchi D, Cheung KCP, Mauro C(2020). Endothelial cell and T-cell crosstalk: Targeting metabolism as a therapeutic approach in chronic inflammation. British Journal of Pharmacology
Cucchi D, Camacho-Muñoz D, Certo M, Pucino V, Nicolaou A, Mauro C(2020). Fatty acids - From energy substrates to key regulators of cell survival, proliferation and effector function. Cell Stress vol. 4, (1) 9-23.
Pucino V, Certo M, Bulusu V, Cucchi D, Goldmann K, Pontarini E, Haas R, Smith J et al.(2019). Lactate Buildup at the Site of Chronic Inflammation Promotes Disease by Inducing CD4+ T Cell Metabolic Rewiring. Cell Metabolism
Spiombi E, Angrisani A, Fonte S, De Feudis G, Fabretti F, Cucchi D, Izzo M, Infante P et al.(2019). KCTD15 inhibits the Hedgehog pathway in Medulloblastoma cells by increasing protein levels of the oncosuppressor KCASH2. Oncogenesis vol. 8, (11)
Martin S(2019). MLH1 deficiency leads to deregulated mitochondrial metabolism. Cell Death and Disease vol. 10, 795-795.
Pucino V, Certo M, Bulusu V, Goldmann K, Cucchi D, Haas R, Smith J, Blighe K et al. (2019). Lactate influx into human CD4+T-cells, via SLC5A12, causes STAT3-and fatty acid synthesis-mediated IL17 expression and tissue retention. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. vol. 49, 1276-1277.
Pucino V, Cucchi D, Mauro C(2018). Lactate transporters as therapeutic targets in cancer and inflammatory diseases. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets vol. 22, (9) 735-743.
Miele E, Po A, Begalli F, Antonucci L, Mastronuzzi A, Marras CE, Carai A, Cucchi D et al.(2017). β-arrestin1-mediated acetylation of Gli1 regulates Hedgehog/Gli signaling and modulates self-renewal of SHH medulloblastoma cancer stem cells. BMC Cancer vol. 17, (1)
Papathanassiu AE, Ko J-H, Imprialou M, Bagnati M, Srivastava PK, Vu HA, Cucchi D, McAdoo SP et al.(2017). BCAT1 controls metabolic reprogramming in activated human macrophages and is associated with inflammatory diseases. Nat Commun vol. 8, 16040-16040.
Cucchi D, Mauro C(2017). LACTB-mediated tumour suppression by increased mitochondrial lipid metabolism. Cell Death and Differentiation vol. 24, (7) 1137-1139.
Pucino V, Smith J, Cucchi D, Blighe K, Bombardieri M, Pitzalis C, Mauro C (2017). FRI0076 LACTATE/SLC5A12-induced metabolic signalling network: a new target in rheumatoid arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. vol. 76,
MAURO C, Smith J, Cucchi D, Coe D, Fu H, Bonacina F, Baragetti A, Cermenati G et al.(2017). Obesity-induced metabolic stress leads to biased effector memory CD4+ T cell differentiation via PI3K p110δ/Akt-mediated signals. Cell Metabolism
Smith J, Mauro C, Cucchi D, Coe D, Fu H, Bonacina F, Baragetti A, Catapano A et al. (2016). Saturated fatty acids-induced metabolic stress leads to biased effector memory CD4(+) T cell differentiation via mTOR-independent, PI3K p110d/Akt-mediated signals. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. vol. 46, 1046-1046.
Haas R, Cucchi D, Smith J, Pucino V, Macdougall CE, Mauro C(2016). Intermediates of Metabolism: From Bystanders to Signalling Molecules. Trends in Biochemical Sciences vol. 41, (5) 460-471.
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