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Publications:  Dr Ashvin Devasundaram

Devasundaram AI, Barn R(2020). Performativity of rape culture through fact and fiction: An exploration of India’s Daughter and Anatomy of Violence. International Journal of Cultural Studies
Devasundaram AI(2018). Indian Cinema Beyond Bollywood The New Independent Cinema Revolution. Routledge
DEVASUNDARAM AI(2018). Beyond Brand Bollywood: Alternative Articulations of Geopolitical Discourse in New Indian Films. Popular Geopolitics Plotting an Evolving Interdiscipline, Editors: Saunders, R, Strukov, V, Routledge
Böser U, Nic Craith M, Devasundaram AI(2018). The representation of ‘building events’ in Wim Wenders’ Cathedrals of Culture. Studies in Documentary Film vol. 11, (1) 1-15.
Devasundaram A (2017). Alternative Narratives from New Independent Indian Cinema.
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Chaubey AK, Devasundaram AI(2017). South Asian Diasporic Cinema and Theatre Re-visiting Screen and Stage in the New Millennium.
Nic Craith M, Böser U, Devasundaram A(2016). Giving voice to heritage: a virtual case study. Social Anthropology vol. 24, (4) 433-445.
Devasundaram AI(2016). India’s New Independent Cinema: Rise of the Hybrid. Routledge
Devasundaram AI(2016). Bollywood's soft power: Branding the nation, sustaining a meta-hegemony. New Cinemas vol. 14, (1) 51-70.
Devasundaram A(2014). Cyber buccaneers, public and pirate spheres: The phenomenon of bittorrent downloads in the transforming terrain of Indian cinema. Media International Australia (152) 108-118.
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