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Publications:  Dr James Eastwood

Eastwood J(2019). Enabling militarism? The inclusion of soldiers with disabilities in the Israeli military. International Political Sociology
Eastwood J(2019). Reading Abdul Fattah al-Sharif, reading Elor Azaria: Anti-Mizrahi racism in the moral economy of zionist settler colonial violence. Settler Colonial Studies vol. 9, (1) 59-77.
EASTWOOD J(2018). Rethinking militarism as ideology: the critique of violence after security. Security Dialogue vol. 49, (1-2) 44-56.
Eastwood J(2017). Ethics as a weapon of war: Militarism and morality in Israel.
Eastwood J(2017). The Human Right to Dominate. JOURNAL OF PALESTINE STUDIES vol. 46, (2) 91-92.
Eastwood J(2015). ‘Meaningful service’: Pedagogy at Israeli pre-military academies and the ethics of militarism. European Journal of International Relations vol. 22, (3) 671-695.
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