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Publications:  Dr Chung Tse Shao

Shao CT(2019). On Carleman and observability estimates for wave equations on time-dependent domains. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
SHAO CTA, Holzegel G(2017). Unique Continuation from Infinity in Asymptotic Anti-de Sitter Spacetimes II: Non-static Boundaries. Communications in Partial Differential Equations
Alexakis S, Shao A(2017). On the profile of energy concentration at blow-up points for subconformal focusing nonlinear waves. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society1-1.
Holzegel G, Shao A(2016). Unique Continuation from Infinity in Asymptotically Anti-de Sitter Spacetimes. Communications in Mathematical Physics
Alexakis S, Shao A(2016). Bounds on the Bondi energy by a flux of curvature. Journal of the European Mathematical Society vol. 18, (9) 2045-2106.
Alexakis S, Schlue V, Shao A(2016). Unique continuation from infinity for linear waves. Advances in Mathematics vol. 286, 481-544.
Alexakis S, Shao A(2015). Global uniqueness theorems for linear and nonlinear waves. Journal of Functional Analysis vol. 269, (11) 3458-3499.
Shao A(2015). New tensorial estimates in Besov spaces for time-dependent (2 + 1)-dimensional problems. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations vol. 11, (04) 821-908.
Alexakis S, Shao A(2014). On the geometry of null cones to infinity under curvature flux bounds. Classical and Quantum Gravity vol. 31, (19) 195012-195012.
Egli D, Fröhlich J, Gang Z, Shao A, Sigal IM(2013). Hamiltonian Dynamics of a Particle Interacting with a Wave Field. Communications in Partial Differential Equations vol. 38, (12) 2155-2198.
Shao A(2011). A Generalized Representation Formula for Systems of Tensor Wave Equations. Communications in Mathematical Physics vol. 306, (1) 51-82.
Shao A(2011). On Breakdown Criteria for Nonvacuum Einstein Equations. Annales Henri Poincaré vol. 12, (2) 205-277.
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