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Publications:  Mr Mohammad Malekzadeh

Malekzadeh M, Clegg RG, Cavallaro A, Haddadi H (2019). Mobile sensor data anonymization. IoTDI 2019 - Proceedings of the 2019 Internet of Things Design and Implementation. 49-58.
Malekzadeh M, Clegg RG, Haddadi H(2018). Replacement autoencoder: a privacy-preserving algorithm for sensory data analysis. Proceedings - ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation, IoTDI 2018165-176.
Malekzadeh M, Cavallaro A, Clegg RG, Haddadi H (2018). Protecting sensory data against sensitive inferences. Proceedings of the Workshop on Privacy by Design in Distributed Systems, P2DS 2018, co-located with European Conference on Computer Systems, EuroSys 2018.
Gharibi R, Malekzadeh M(2017). Gamified Incentives: A Badge Recommendation Model to Improve User Engagement in Social Networking Websites. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications vol. 8, (5)
Barghandan M, Malekzadeh M, Safdel A, Mazloomzadeh I (2014). A multi-generational social learning model: The effect of information cascade on aggregate welfare. ASONAM 2014 - Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining. 529-533.
MALEKZADEH M, Fazli M, Jalaly Khalilabadi P, Rabiee HR, Safari MA (2011). Social balance and signed network formation games. Conference: 5th SNA-KDD Workshop ’11 (SNA-KDD’11) (San Diego CA, USA)
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