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Publications:  Prof Robert Briner

Barends E, Villanueva J, Rousseau DM, Briner RB, Jepsen DM, Houghton E, Ten Have S(2017). Managerial attitudes and perceived barriers regarding evidence-based practice: An international survey. PLoS ONE vol. 12, (10)
Cassar V, Briner RB, Buttigieg S(2015). What's in a broken promissory obligation? Developing and testing a multiple component form measure of psychological contract breach. The International Journal of Human Resource Management vol. 27, (5) 567-592.
Conway N, Briner RB(2014). Unit-level linkages between employee commitment to the organization, customer service delivery and customer satisfaction. The International Journal of Human Resource Management vol. 26, (16) 2039-2061.
Kiefer T, Hartley J, Conway N, Briner RB(2014). Feeling the Squeeze: Public Employees’ Experiences of Cutback- and Innovation-Related Organizational Changes Following a National Announcement of Budget Reductions. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory vol. 25, (4) 1279-1305.
Briner RB, Walshe ND(2014). From Passively Received Wisdom to Actively Constructed Knowledge: Teaching Systematic Review Skills As a Foundation of Evidence-Based Management. Academy of Management Learning & Education vol. 13, (3) 415-432.
Conway N, Kiefer T, Hartley J, Briner RB(2014). Doing More with Less? Employee Reactions to Psychological Contract Breach via Target Similarity or Spillover during Public Sector Organizational Change. British Journal of Management vol. 25, (4) 737-754.
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