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Publications:  Mr Stefano Brighenti

Tiberti R, Rolla M, Brighenti S, Iacobuzio R(2016). Changes in the insect emergence at the water–air interface in response to fish density manipulation in high altitude lakes. Hydrobiologia vol. 779, (1) 93-104.
Tiberti R, Brighenti S, Canedoli C, Iacobuzio R, Pasquini G, Rolla M(2016). The diet of introduced brook trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis; Mitchill, 1814) in an alpine area and a literature review on its feeding ecology. Journal of Limnology vol. 75, (3) 488-507.
TIBERTI R, BRIGHENTI S, IACOBUZIO R, PASQUINI G, ROLLA M(2014). Behind the impact of introduced trout in high altitude lakes: Adult, Not juvenile fish are responsible of the selective predation on crustacean zooplankton. Journal of Limnology vol. 73, (3) 593-597.
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