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Publications:  Mr Rishi Shukla

SHUKLA R, Radu IT, SANDLER M, STEWART R (2019). Real-time binaural rendering with virtual vector base amplitude panning. Conference: Audio Engineering Society Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio (York, United Kingdom) from: 27/03/2019 to: 29/03/2019,
SHUKLA RC, STEWART RL, Roginska A, SANDLER MB (2018). User Selection of Optimal HRTF Sets via Holistic Comparative Evaluation. Conference: Audio Engineering Society Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (Redmond, WA, USA) from: 20/08/2018 to: 22/08/2018, 1-10.
SHUKLA RC, Stewart R (2017). Metronome Music Time Capsule: rematerialising music consumption and exchange. Conference: Audio Mostly (Queen Mary University of London) from: 23/08/2017 to: 26/08/2017, vol. Proceedings of AM ’1,
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