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Publications:  Mr Iacopo Iacopini

Iacopini I, Schäfer B, Arcaute E, Beck C, Latora V(2020). Multi-layer modelling of adoption dynamics in energy demand management. Chaos: an interdisciplinary journal of nonlinear science
Battiston F, Cencetti G, Iacopini I, Latora V, Lucas M, Patania A, Young J-G, Petri G(2020). Networks beyond pairwise interactions: structure and dynamics. CoRR vol. abs/2006.01764,
Iacopini I, Petri G, Barrat A, Latora V(2019). Simplicial models of social contagion. Nature Communications vol. 10, (1)
Martinus K, Sigler T, Iacopini I, Derudder B(2019). The brokerage role of small states and territories in global corporate networks. Growth and Change Article grow.12336,
Sigler T, Martinus K, Iacopini I, Derudder B(2019). The role of tax havens and offshore financial centres in shaping corporate geographies: an industry sector perspective. Regional Studies1-13.
Torrisi VS, Manfredi S, Iacopini I, Latora V (2019). Creative connectivity project – A network based approach to understand correlations between interdisciplinary group dynamics and creative performance. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: Towards a New Innovation Landscape, E and PDE 2019.
Martinus K, Sigler T, Iacopini I, Derudder B(2018). The role of tax havens and offshore financial centers in Asia-Pacific networks: evidence from firm-subsidiary connections. Asian Business and Management
Iacopini I, Milojevi¿ S, Latora V(2018). Network dynamics of innovation processes. Physical Review Letters
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