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Publications:  Miss Kening Wan

Tao X, Wan K, Deru J, Bilotti E, Assender HE(2020). Thermoelectric behaviour of Bi-Te films on polymer substrates DC-sputtered at room-temperature in moving web deposition. Surface and Coatings Technology vol. 385,
Zhang H, Liu Y, Kernin A, Wan K, Bilotti E, Peijs T (2020). Nano-engineered hierarchical composites with multifunctionalities: From nanofiller network formation to self-sensing and de-icing. ECCM 2018 - 18th European Conference on Composite Materials.
Wan K, Taroni PJ, Liu Z, Liu Y, Tu Y, Santagiuliana G, Hsia I, Zhang H et al.(2019). Flexible and Stretchable Self‐Powered Multi‐Sensors Based on the N‐Type Thermoelectric Response of Polyurethane/Na x (Ni‐ett) n Composites. Advanced Electronic Materials1900582-1900582.
Paleo AJ, Vieira EMF, Wan K, Bondarchuk O, Cerqueira MF, Goncalves LM, Bilotti E, Alpuim P et al.(2019). Negative thermoelectric power of melt mixed vapor grown carbon nanofiber polypropylene composites. Carbon vol. 150, 408-416.
KERNIN A, WAN K, LIU Y, kong J, shi X, BILOTTI E, Peijs T, ZHANG H(2018). The effect of graphene network formation on the electrical, mechanical, and multifunctional properties of graphene/epoxy nanocomposites. Composites Science and Technology vol. 169, 224-231.
Liu Y, Zhang H, Porwal H, Tu W, Wan K, Evans J, Newton M, Busfield JJC et al.(2018). Tailored pyroresistive performance and flexibility by introducing a secondary thermoplastic elastomeric phase into graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) filled polymer composites for self-regulating heating devices. Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol. 6, (11) 2760-2768.
Taroni PJ, SANTAGIULIANA G, WAN K, Calado P, QIU M, ZHANG H, PUGNO N, PALMA M et al.(2017). Toward Stretchable Self-Powered Sensors Based on the Thermoelectric Response of PEDOT:PSS/Polyurethane Blends. Advanced Functional Materials
Wan K, Liu S, Zhang C, Li L, Zhao Z, Liu T, Xie Y(2017). Supramolecular Assembly of 1D Pristine Carbon Nanotubes and 2D Graphene Oxides into Macroscopic All-Carbon Hybrid Sponges for High-Energy-Density Supercapacitors. ChemNanoMat vol. 3, (6) 447-453.
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