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Publications:  Mr Andrea Santoro

Santoro A, Latora V, Nicosia G, Nicosia V(2018). Pareto optimality in multilayer network growth. Physical Review Letters vol. 121, (12) 128302-128302.
Patanè A, Santoro A, Romano V, Magna AL, Nicosia G(2018). Enhancing quantum efficiency of thin-film silicon solar cells by Pareto optimality. Journal of Global Optimization1-25.
Patanè A, Santoro A, Conca P, Carapezza G, Magna AL, Romano V, Nicosia G(2017). Multi-objective optimization and analysis for the design space exploration of analog circuits and solar cells. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence vol. 62, Article C, 373-383.
Patane A, Santoro A, Costanza J, Carapezza G, Nicosia G(2015). Pareto Optimal Design for Synthetic Biology. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems vol. 9, (4) 555-571.
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