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Publications:  Miss Samantha Arokiasamy

Arokiasamy S, Balderstone MJM, De Rossi G, Whiteford JR(2020). Syndecan-3 in Inflammation and Angiogenesis. Frontiers in Immunology vol. 10,
Arokiasamy S, King R, Boulaghrasse H, Poston R, Nourshargh S, Wang W, Voisin M-B(2019). Heparanase-dependent Remodelling of Initial Lymphatic Glycocalyx 1 Regulates Tissue-fluid Drainage during Acute Inflammation in vivo. Frontiers in Immunology
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Arokiasamy S, Nourshargh S, Wang W, Voisin M-B (2017). Characterisation of the lymphatic endothelium glycocalyx and its regulation during acute inflammation in vivo. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY. Conference: NA vol. 98, A13-A14.
VOISIN M(2017). Endogenous TNFα orchestrates the trafficking of neutrophils into and within lymphatic vessels during acute inflammation. Scientific Reports
Mann JFS, McKay PF, Arokiasamy S, Patel RK, Tregoning JS, Shattock RJ(2013). Mucosal Application of gp140 Encoding DNA Polyplexes to Different Tissues Results in Altered Immunological Outcomes in Mice. PLoS ONE vol. 8, (6)
Mann JFS, McKay PF, Arokiasamy S, Patel RK, Klein K, Shattock RJ(2013). Pulmonary delivery of DNA vaccine constructs using deacylated PEI elicits immune responses and protects against viral challenge infection. Journal of Controlled Release vol. 170, (3) 452-459.
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