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Publications:  Dr Angela Rovera

Rovera A, Rovera G, Alzahrani A, Hector M, Anderson P(2020). Correlation between parotid saliva composition and dental caries using <sup>31</sup>P-NMR and ICDAS score. Archives of Oral Biology vol. 111,
Lombardo G, Signoretto C, Corrocher G, Pardo A, Pighi J, Rovera A, Caccuri F, Nocini PF(2015). A topical desiccant agent in association with ultrasonic debridement in the initial treatment of chronic periodontitis: A clinical and microbiological study. New Microbiologica vol. 38, (3) 393-407.
Lombardo G, Corrocher G, Rovera A, Pighi J, Marincola M, Lehrberg J, Nocini PF(2015). Decontamination using a desiccant with air powder abrasion followed by biphasic calcium sulfate grafting: A new treatment for Peri-implantitis. Case Reports in Dentistry vol. 2015,
Lombardo G, Corrocher G, Pighi J, Faccioni F, Rovera A, Marincola M, Nocini PF(2014). The impact of subcrestal placement on short locking-taper implants placed in posterior maxilla and mandible: A retrospective evaluation on hard and soft tissues stability after 2 years of loading. Minerva Stomatologica vol. 63, (11-12) 391-402.
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