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Publications:  Mr Giuliano Russo

Russo G, Cassenote AJF, Guilloux AGA, Scheffer MC(2020). The role of private education in the selection of primary care careers in low and middle-income countries. Findings from a representative survey of medical residents in Brazil. Human Resources for Health vol. 18, (1)
Chemlal S, Russo G(2019). Why do they take the risk? A systematic review of the qualitative literature on informal sector abortions in settings where abortion is legal. BMC Women's Health vol. 19, (1)
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Russo G, Fronteira I, Jesus TS, Buchan J(2018). Understanding nurses' dual practice: A scoping review of what we know and what we still need to ask on nurses holding multiple jobs. Human Resources for Health vol. 16, (1)
Campos-Matos I, Russo G, Gonçalves L(2018). Shifting determinants of health inequalities in unstable times: Portugal as a case study. European Journal of Public Health vol. 28, (1) 4-9.
Russo G, Bloom G, McCoy D(2017). Universal health coverage, economic slowdown and system resilience: Africa's policy dilemma. BMJ Glob Health vol. 2, (3) Article e000400, e000400-e000400.
Rego I, Russo G, Gonçalves L, Perelman J, Pita Barros P(2017). Economic crisis and Portuguese National Health Service physicians: Findings from a descriptive study of their perceptions and reactions from health care units in the greater Lisbon area. Acta Medica Portuguesa vol. 30, (4) 263-272.
Russo G, Pires CA, Perelman J, Gonçalves L, Barros PP(2017). Exploring public sector physicians’ resilience, reactions and coping strategies in times of economic crisis; findings from a survey in Portugal’s capital city area. BMC Health Services Research vol. 17, (1)
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Russo G, McPake B, Fronteira I, Ferrinho P(2013). Negotiating markets for health: an exploration of physicians’ engagement in dual practice in three African capital cities. Health Policy and Planning vol. 29, (6) 774-783.
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