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Publications:  Mr Anurag Priyam

Priyam A, Woodcroft BJ, Rai V, Moghul I, Munagala A, Ter F, Chowdhary H, Pieniak I et al.(2019). Sequenceserver: A Modern Graphical User Interface for Custom BLAST Databases. Molecular Biology and Evolution vol. 36, (12) 2922-2924.
Moghul I, Priyam A, Wurm Y(2019). Erratum: Correction to: Choosing the Best Gene Predictions with GeneValidator (Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) (2019) 1962 (257-267)). Methods in Molecular Biology vol. 1962, C1-C1.
Moghul I, Priyam A, Wurm Y(2019). Choosing the best gene predictions with GeneValidator. vol. 1962, 257-267.
Pracana R, Levantis I, Martínez-Ruiz C, Stolle E, Priyam A, Wurm Y(2017). Fire ant social chromosomes: Differences in number, sequence and expression of odorant binding proteins. Evolution Letters vol. 1, (4) 199-210.
Pracana R, Priyam A, Levantis I, Nichols RA, Wurm Y(2017). The fire ant social chromosome supergene variant Sb shows low diversity but high divergence from SB. Molecular Ecology vol. 26, (11) 2864-2879.
Dr¿gan M-A, Moghul I, Priyam A, Bustos C, Wurm Y(2016). GeneValidator: identify problems with protein-coding gene predictions. Bioinformatics vol. 32, (10) 1559-1561.
Wallom DCH, Booth T, Bowery A, Collier B, Kershaw P, Priyam A, Wurm Y, Field D (2015). Desktop as a service supporting environmental 'omics. Proceedings - 11th IEEE International Conference on eScience, eScience 2015.
Vos RA, Balhoff JP, Caravas JA, Holder MT, Lapp H, Maddison WP, Midford PE, Priyam A et al.(2012). NeXML: Rich, extensible, and verifiable representation of comparative data and metadata. Systematic Biology vol. 61, (4) 675-689.
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