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Publications:  Mr Zia Ullah Khan

Liu J, Khan ZU, Wang C, Zhang H, Sarjoghian S(2020). Review of graphene modulators from the low to the high figure of merits. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics vol. 53, (23) Article ARTN 233002,
Khan ZU, Loh TH, Belenguer A, Alomainy A(2020). Empty Substrate-Integrated Waveguide-Fed Patch Antenna Array for 5G Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters vol. 19, (5) 776-780.
Liu J, Khan ZU, Sarjoghian S(2019). Suspended graphene double-layer modulator with an ultrahigh figure of merit and a subwavelength-thickness modulator with leaky mode. Applied Optics vol. 58, (14) 3729-3734.
Khan ZU, Abbasi QH, Belenguer A, Loh TH, Alomainy A (2018). Empty Substrate Integrated Waveguide Slot Antenna Array for 5G Applications. 2018 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on 5G Hardware and System Technologies, IMWS-5G 2018.
Jilani SF, Abbasi QH, Khan ZU, Loh TH, Alomainy A(2018). A K<inf>a</inf>-band antenna based on an enhanced Franklin model for 5G cellular networks. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters vol. 60, (6) 1562-1566.
Khan ZU, Jilani SF, Belenguer A, Loh TH, Alomainy A (2018). Empty substrate integrated waveguide-fed MMW aperture-coupled patch antenna for 5G applications. IET Conference Publications. vol. 2018,
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