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Publications:  Dr Florian Laforets

Erales J, Marchand V, Panthu B, Gillot S, Belin S, Ghayad SE, Garcia M, Laforêts F et al.(2017). Evidence for rRNA 2′-O-methylation plasticity: Control of intrinsic translational capabilities of human ribosomes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 114, (49) 12934-12939.
Bash-Imam Z, Thérizols G, Vincent A, Lafôrets F, Polay Espinoza M, Pion N, Macari F, Pannequin J et al.(2017). Translational reprogramming of colorectal cancer cells induced by 5-fluorouracil through a miRNA-dependent mechanism. Oncotarget vol. 8, (28) 46219-46233.
Therizols G, Laforêts F, Marcel V, Catez F, Bouvet P, Diaz JJ(2015). Ribosomal RNA Methylation and Cancer. Epigenetic Cancer Therapy,
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