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Publications:  Dr Ahmed Ismail

Xia HH, Ismail A, Yao J, Stark J(2019). Scaling Laws for Transition from Varicose to Whipping Instabilities in Electrohydrodynamic Jetting. Physical Review Applied vol. 12, (1) Article 014031,
ISMAIL AS, YAO J, XIA HH, STARK J(2018). Breakup length of electrified liquid jets: Scaling laws and applications. Physical Review Applied
ISMAIL AS, Ganan-Calvo A, CASTREJON PITA JR, Herreda M, Castrejon-Pita AA(2018). Controlled Cavity Collapse: Scaling Laws of Drop Formation. Soft Matter
ISMAIL A, Lopez-Herrera JM, Herrada MA, Modesto-Lopez LB, Gañán-Calvo AM(2016). Effect of a Surrounding Liquid Environment on the Electrical Disruption of Pendant Droplets. Langmuir: the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids vol. 32, (27) 6815-6824.
ISMAIL A, Herrada MA, Gañán-Calvo AM, Montanero JM(2015). Convective-to-absolute instability transition in a viscoelastic capillary jet subject to unrelaxed axial elastic tension. Physical Review E vol. 92, (2)
Herrada MA, ISMAIL AS, Montanero JM, Gañán-Calvo AM(2015). Stability of a rivulet flowing in a microchannel. International Journal of Multiphase Flow vol. 69, Article C, 1-7.
ISMAIL AS, Herrada MA, López-Herrera JM, Gañán-Calvo AM(2014). Isothermal dissolution of small rising bubbles in a low viscosity liquid. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification vol. 85, Article C, 136-144.
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