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Publications:  Dr Fiona Lewis

Podaru MN, Fields L, Kainuma S, Ichihara Y, Hussain M, Lewis F, Ito T, Kazuya K et al. (2019). Reparative macrophage transplantation for myocardial repair: a refinement of bone marrow mononuclear cell-based therapy. EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL. Conference: European Society of Cardiology vol. 40, 1386-1386.
Podaru M-N, Fields L, Kainuma S, Ichihara Y, Hussain M, Ito T, Kazuya K, D'Aquisto F et al. (2019). Reparative Macrophage Transplantation for Myocardial Repair: A Refinement of Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cell-Based Therapy. CIRCULATION RESEARCH. Conference: American Heart Association vol. 125,
Kobayashi K, Ichihara Y, Tano N, Fields L, Murugesu N, Ito T, Ikebe C, Lewis F et al.(2018). Fibrin glue-aided, instant epicardial placement enhances the efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cell-based therapy for heart failure. Scientific Reports vol. 8, (1)
Kobayashi K, Ichihara Y, Sato N, Umeda N, Fields L, Fukumitsu M, Ito T, Podaru M et al. (2018). On-Site, Instant Production of Bi-Layered Bio-Dressing Incorporating Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of Heart Failure. CIRCULATION. vol. 138,
LEWIS F, Cottle BJ, Shone V, Marazzi G, Sassoon D, Tseng CCS, Dankers PYW, Chamuleau SAJ et al.(2017). Transplantation of Allogeneic PW1pos/Pax7neg Interstitial Cells (PICs) Enhance Endogenous Repair of Injured Porcine Skeletal Muscle. JACC: Basic to Translational Science vol. 2, (6) 717-736.
LEWIS F, Agley C, Jaka O, Lazarus N, Velloso C, Francis-West P, Ellison-Hughes G, Harridge S(2017). Active GSK3β and an intact β-catenin TCF complex are essential for the differentiation of human myogenic progenitor cells. Scientific Reports
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Henning BJ, Lewis FC, Shone V, Ellison-Hughes GM(2017). Skeletal muscle-derived interstitial progenitor cells (PICs) display stem cell properties, being clonogenic, self-renewing and multi-potent in vitro and in vivo. Stem Cell Research and Therapy
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Lewis FC, Teoh T, Domenjo-Vila E, Theologou T, Field M, Awad W, Yasin M, Nadal-Ginard B et al. (2016). Canonical wnt signaling reverses the 'aged/senescent' human endogenous cardiac stem cell phenotype. CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH. Conference: American Heart Association vol. 111, S92-S92.
Smith AJ, Lewis FC, Aquila I, Waring CD, Nocera A, Agosti V, Nadal-Ginard B, Torella D et al.(2014). Isolation and characterization of resident endogenous c-Kit+ cardiac stem cells from the adult mouse and rat heart. Nature Protocols vol. 9, (7) 1662-1681.
Lewis FC, Henning BJ, Marazzi G, Sassoon D, Ellison GM, Nadal-Ginard B(2014). Porcine skeletal muscle-derived multipotent PW1pos/Pax7neg interstitial cells: isolation, characterization, and long-term culture. Stem Cells Transl Med vol. 3, (6) 702-712.
Lewis F, Henning B, Sassoon D, Marazzi G, Ellison G, Nadal-Ginard B (2013). Identification and characterisation of multipotent porcine PW1(+)/Pax7(-) skeletal muscle-derived interstitial cells (PICs). HUMAN GENE THERAPY. vol. 24, A30-A30.
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