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Publications:  Mr Elliot Drew

Drew ED, Janes RW(2020). Identification of a druggable binding pocket in the spike protein reveals a key site for existing drugs potentially capable of combating Covid-19 infectivity. BMC Molecular Biology vol. 21, (1) 49-49.
Janes R, Drew E(2020). PDBMD2CD: Providing Predicted Protein Circular Dichroism Spectra from Multiple Molecular Dynamics-Generated Protein Structures. Nucleic Acids Research
Wallace BA, Janes RW, Miles A, Drew ED, Whitmore L, Ramalli SG (2020). Tools and Resources for Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. vol. 118, 470A-470A.
Janes RW, Drew ED(2019). 2StrucCompare: A webserver for visualizing small but noteworthy differences between protein tertiary structures through interrogation of the secondary structure content. Nucleic Acids Research
Drew ED, Mavridis L, Janes RW (2018). PDB2CD: A Web-Based Application for the Generation of Circular Dichroism Spectra from Protein Atomic Coordinates. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. vol. 114, 46A-46A.
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