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Publications:  Dr Huange Wang

Wang H, van Eeuwijk FA, Jansen J(2016). The potential of probabilistic graphical models in linkage map construction. Theoretical and Applied Genetics vol. 130, (2) 433-444.
Lim CY, Wang H, Woodhouse S, Piterman N, Wernisch L, Fisher J, Göttgens B(2016). BTR: training asynchronous Boolean models using single-cell expression data. BMC Bioinformatics vol. 17, (1)
Schütte J, Wang H, Antoniou S, Jarratt A, Wilson NK, Riepsaame J, Calero-Nieto FJ, Moignard V et al.(2016). An experimentally validated network of nine haematopoietic transcription factors reveals mechanisms of cell state stability. eLife vol. 5,
Wang H, Paulo J, Kruijer W, Boer M, Jansen H, Tikunov Y, Usadel B, van Heusden S et al.(2015). Genotype–phenotype modeling considering intermediate level of biological variation: a case study involving sensory traits, metabolites and QTLs in ripe tomatoes. Molecular BioSystems vol. 11, (11) 3101-3110.
Wang H, van Eeuwijk FA(2014). A New Method to Infer Causal Phenotype Networks Using QTL and Phenotypic Information. PLoS ONE vol. 9, (8) e103997-e103997.
Xiao D, Wang H, Basnet RK, Zhao J, Lin K, Hou X, Bonnema G(2014). Genetic Dissection of Leaf Development in Brassica rapa Using a Genetical Genomics Approach. Plant Physiology vol. 164, (3) 1309-1325.
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