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Publications:  Dr Gehad Youssef

Alser O, Youssef G, Myers S, Ghanem AM(2020). A novel three-in-one silicone model for basic microsurgery training. European Journal of Plastic Surgery
Youssef G, Cottoms H, Piper K, Gammon L, Knowles O, Lunt SA, Mackenzie I, Philpott M et al. (2019). Identifying cancer stem cells in patient specimens through high-content imaging - biological insights and prognostic potential. JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY. vol. 139, S315-S315.
Youssef G, Gillett C, Rampling D, Chagtai T, Virasami A, Barton J, Edwards D, Sebire N et al.(2019). The presence of Y674/Y675 phosphorylated NTRK1 via TP53 repression of PTPN6 expression as a potential prognostic marker in neuroblastoma. Human Pathology vol. 86, 182-192.
Knowles O, Doldan P, Hillier-Richardson I, Lunt S, Gammon L, Youssef G, Harwood C, Mackenzie I et al. (2018). Identification of a novel cancer stem cell subpopulation in melanoma pathological specimens. BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY. vol. 178, E411-E411.
Youssef G, Ono M, Brown SJ, Kinsler VA, Sebire NJ, Harper JI, O'Shaughnessy RFL(2014). Identifying a hyperkeratosis signature in autosomal recessive congenital Ichthyosis: Mdm2 inhibition prevents hyperkeratosis in a rat ARCI model. Journal of Investigative Dermatology vol. 134, (3) 858-861.
Gerner L, Youssef G, O'Shaughnessy RFL(2013). The protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit Ppp2r2a is required for Connexin-43 dephosphorlyation during epidermal barrier acquisition. Experimental Dermatology vol. 22, (11) 754-756.
Youssef G, Gerner L, Naeem AS, Ralph O, Ono M, O'Neill CA, O'Shaughnessy RFL(2013). Rab3Gap1 mediates exocytosis of Claudin-1 and tight junction formation during epidermal barrier acquisition. Developmental Biology vol. 380, (2) 274-285.
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