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Publications:  Dr Flynn Castles

Castles F, Fells JAJ, Isakov D, Morris SM, Watt AAR, Grant PS(2020). Active Metamaterials with Negative Static Electric Susceptibility. Advanced Materials1904863-1904863.
CASTLES F(2016). Microwave dielectric characterisation of 3D-printed BaTiO3/ABS polymer composites. Scientific Reports
CASTLES F(2014). Stretchable liquid-crystal blue-phase gels. Nature Materials vol. 13, 817-821.
Lorenz A, Gardiner DJ, Morris SM, Castles F, Qasim MM, Choi SS, Kim WS, Coles HJ et al.(2014). Electrical addressing of polymer stabilized hyper-twisted chiral nematic liquid crystals with interdigitated electrodes: Experiment and model. Applied Physics Letters vol. 104, (7)
Morris SM, Qasim MM, Cheng KT, Castles F, Ko DH, Gardiner DJ, Nosheen S, Wilkinson TD et al.(2013). Optically activated shutter using a photo-tunable short-pitch chiral nematic liquid crystal. Applied Physics Letters vol. 103, (10)
Ko DH, Morris SM, Lorenz A, Castles F, Butt H, Gardiner DJ, Qasim MM, Wallikewitz B et al.(2013). A nano-patterned photonic crystal laser with a dye-doped liquid crystal. Applied Physics Letters vol. 103, (5)
Morris SM, Qasim MM, Gardiner DJ, Hands PJW, Castles F, Tu G, Huck WTS, Friend RH et al.(2013). Liquid crystalline chromophores for photonic band-edge laser devices. Optical Materials vol. 35, (5) 837-842.
Atkinson KL, Morris SM, Qasim MM, Castles F, Gardiner DJ, Hands PJW, Choi SS, Kim WS et al.(2012). Increasing the flexoelastic ratio of liquid crystals using highly fluorinated ester-linked bimesogens. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol. 14, (47) 16377-16385.
Gardiner DJ, Morris SM, Hands PJW, Castles F, Qasim MM, Kim WS, Choi SS, Wilkinson TD et al.(2012). Spontaneous induction of the uniform lying helix alignment in bimesogenic liquid crystals for the flexoelectro-optic effect. Applied Physics Letters vol. 100, (6)
Atkinson KL, Morris SM, Castles F, Qasim MM, Gardiner DJ, Coles HJ(2012). Flexoelectric and elastic coefficients of odd and even homologous bimesogens. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics vol. 85, (1)
Castles F, Day FV, Morris SM, Ko DH, Gardiner DJ, Qasim MM, Nosheen S, Hands PJW et al.(2012). Blue-phase templated fabrication of three-dimensional nanostructures for photonic applications. Nature Materials vol. 11, (7) 599-603.
Gardiner DJ, Morris SM, Castles F, Qasim MM, Kim WS, Choi SS, Park HJ, Chung IJ et al.(2011). Polymer stabilized chiral nematic liquid crystals for fast switching and high contrast electro-optic devices. Applied Physics Letters vol. 98, (26)
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