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Publications:  Dr Nicholas Brown

Cutmore LC, Brown NF, Raj D, Chauduri S, Wang P, Maher J, Wang Y, Lemoine NR et al.(2020). Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge: Developments and challenges for effective CAR T cell therapy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Pancreatology
Moore KM, Desai A, de Luxán Delgado B, Trabulo SMD, Reader C, Brown NF, Murray ER, Brentnall A et al.(2020). Integrin αvβ6-specific therapy for pancreatic cancer developed from foot-and-mouth-disease virus. Theranostics vol. 10, (7) 2930-2942.
Brown NF, Marshall JF(2019). Integrin-mediated TGFβ activation modulates the tumour microenvironment. Cancers vol. 11, (9)
Brown NF, Carter TJ, Ottaviani D, Mulholland P(2018). Harnessing the immune system in glioblastoma. British Journal of Cancer vol. 119, (10) 1171-1181.
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