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Publications:  Dr Maria Isabel Palacios de Castro

Drechsler M, Lang LF, Al-Khatib L, Dirks H, Burger M, Schönlieb C-B, Palacios IM(2020). Optical flow analysis reveals that Kinesin-mediated advection impacts on the orientation of microtubules in the Drosophila oocyte. Molecular Biology of the CellmbcE19080440-mbcE19080440.
PALACIOS IM(2017). Active diffusion and advection in Drosophila oocytes result from the interplay of actin and microtubules. Nature Communications vol. 8, Article 1520,
Martín-Bermudo MD, Gebel L, Palacios IM(2017). DrosAfrica: Building an African biomedical research community using Drosophila. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology vol. 70, 58-64.
Ng BF, Selvaraj GK, Santa-Cruz Mateos C, Grosheva I, Alvarez-Garcia I, Martín-Bermudo MD, Palacios IM(2016). α-Spectrin and integrins act together to regulate actomyosin and columnarization, and to maintain a monolayered follicular epithelium. Development vol. 143, (8) 1388-1399.
Saavedra P, Vincent J-P, Palacios IM, Lawrence PA, Casal J(2014). Plasticity of both planar cell polarity and cell identity during the development of Drosophila. eLife vol. 3,
Palacios IM(2014). Hop-on hop-off: Polysomes take a tour of the cell on endosomes. Journal of Cell Biology vol. 204, (3) 287-289.
Williams LS, Ganguly S, Loiseau P, Ng BF, Palacios IM(2013). The auto-inhibitory domain and ATP-independent microtubule-binding region of Kinesin heavy chain are major functional domains for transport in the Drosophila germline. Development vol. 141, (1) 176-186.
Palacios IM(2012). Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay: from mechanistic insights to impacts on human health. Briefings in Functional Genomics vol. 12, (1) 25-36.
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