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Publications:  Dr James Strong

STRONG JR(2018). Using role theory to analyse British military intervention in the Syrian civil war during David Cameron’s premiership. British Politics
STRONG JR(2018). Confidence and caretakers: Some less-obvious implications of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. The Political Quarterly
STRONG JR(2018). The war powers of the British parliament: What has been established, and what remains unclear?. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
Strong J(2017). Public Opinion, Legitimacy and Tony Blair’s War in Iraq. Taylor & Francis
Strong J(2017). Two-Level Games beyond the United States: International Indexing in Britain during the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Global Society vol. 31, (2) 293-313.
STRONG J(2015). Interpreting the Syria vote: parliament and British foreign policy. International Affairs vol. 91, (5) 1123-1139.
Strong J(2014). Why Parliament Now Decides on War: Tracing the Growth of the Parliamentary Prerogative through Syria, Libya and Iraq. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations vol. 17, (4) 604-622.
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