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Publications:  Dr Javier Sajuria

SAJURIA JE, Collignon S(2018). Local means local, does it? Regional identification and preferences for local candidates. Electoral Studies
SAJURIA JE, Rudig W(2018). Green party members and grass-roots democracy: A Comparative Analysis. Party Politics
Theocharis Y, Vitoratou S, Sajuria J(2017). Civil Society in Times of Crisis: Understanding Collective Action Dynamics in Digitally-Enabled Volunteer Networks. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Sajuria J, Fábrega J(2016). Do We Need Polls? Why Twitter Will Not Replace Opinion Surveys, but Can Complement Them. Digital Methods for Social Science, Palgrave Macmillan UK
Sajuria J, vanHeerde-Hudson J, Hudson D, Dasandi N, Theocharis Y(2014). Tweeting Alone? An Analysis of Bridging and Bonding Social Capital in Online Networks. American Politics Research vol. 43, Article 4, 708-738.
Fábrega J, Sajuria J(2014). The formation of political discourse within online networks: the case of the occupy movement. International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering vol. 3, Article 3/4, 210-210.
Sajuria J(2013). Is the Internet Changing our Conception of Democracy? an analysis of Internet use During protests and Its effect on the perception of Democracy. Revista Política vol. 51, Article 1,
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