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Publications:  Dr Zara Dinnen

DINNEN Z(2018). Cinema and the Unnarratability of Computation. The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Narrative Theories, Editors: DINNEN, Z, Warhol, R, EUP (Edinburgh),
Dinnen Z, Warhol R(2018). The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Narrative Theories. EUP
Dinnen Z(2018). The Digital Banal New Media and American Literature and Culture. Columbia University Press
Dinnen Z(2016). Understanding the funny military music video. Journal of American Studies vol. 50, (4) 899-921.
Dinnen Z(2013). 'Break out that Perl script': The imaging and imagining of code in The Social Network and Catfish. European Journal of American Culture vol. 32, (2) 173-186.
Dinnen Z(2012). Things that matter: Rrepresenting everyday technological things in comics. Studies in Comics vol. 3, (2) 313-329.
Dinnen Z(2012). In the mix: The potential convergence of literature and new media in Jonathan Lethem's 'the ecstasy of influence'. JNT-Journal of Narrative Theory vol. 42, (2) 212-230.
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