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Publications:  Dr Evangelia Kyrimi

Kyrimi E, Raniere Neves M, Mclachlan S, Neil M, Marsh W, Fenton N(2020). Medical idioms for clinical Bayesian network development. Journal of Biomedical Informatics
Daley BJ, Kyrimi E, Dube K, Fenton NE, Hitman GA, McLachlan S(2020). Data Visualisation in Midwifery: The Challenge of Seeing what Datasets Hide. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics vol. 270, 1239-1240.
McLachlan S, Dube K, Hitman GA, Fenton NE, Kyrimi E(2020). Bayesian networks in healthcare: Distribution by medical condition. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine vol. 107, Article 101912, 101912-101912.
McLachlan S, Kyrimi E, Dube K, Fenton N (2020). Standardising Clinical Caremaps: Model, Method and Graphical Notation for Caremap Specification. Communications in Computer and Information Science. Conference: 2th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (BIOSTEC 2019) - Volume 5: HEALTHINF (Prague) from: 22/02/2019 to: 24/02/2019, vol. 1211 CCIS, 429-452.
McLachlan S, Kyrimi E, Dube K, Hitman G, Simmonds J, Fenton N(2020). Towards standardisation of evidence-based clinical care process specifications. Health Informatics Journal
Kyrimi E, Mossadegh S, Tai N, Marsh W(2020). An incremental explanation of inference in Bayesian networks for increasing model trustworthiness and supporting clinical decision making. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine vol. 103,
Mclachlan S, Dube K, KYRIMI E, Fenton N(2019). LAGOS: Learning Health Systems and how they can integrate with patient care. BMJ: Health & Care Informatics
MCLACHLAN S, KYRIMI E, FENTON N, Dube K (2019). Clinical Caremap Development: How can caremaps standardise care when they are not standardised?. Conference: HEALTHINF 2019 (Prague, Czech) from: 22/02/2019 to: 24/02/2019,
Scattergood S, Marsden M, Kyrimi E, Ishii H, Doddi S, Sinha P(2019). Combined ultrasound and Sestamibi scintigraphy provides accurate preoperative localisation for patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England vol. 101, (2) 97-102.
Goujon S, Kyrimi E, Faure L, Guissou S, Hémon D, Lacour B, Clavel J(2018). Spatial and temporal variations of childhood cancers: Literature review and contribution of the French national registry. Cancer Medicine vol. 7, (10) 5299-5314.
Mossadegh S, Kyrimi E, Marsh W, Tai N (2016). Implementation science: a Bayesian prediction tool for acute traumatic coagulopathy. British Journal of Surgery. Conference: Society of Academic and Research Surgery Annual Meeting vol. 103, 39-39.
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